Real Film - Yet Another Wedding Guy

Leo Patrone looks like he gets a bunch of work. I can see why, he has a great style for weddings. You really should check his work out. If you shoot family pictures just for yourself or professionally you owe it to yourself to get some ideas from this guy. Timeless and classic - meaning not tricky, it's all about the people in the pictures. The pictures just get out of the way.

Leo Patrone does classic work. He shoots film. I will bet money that 10 years from now the people that hire this guy will be really happy and continue to cherish this work where the people that hire the latest greatest digital guy that is running all the fad of the moment photoshop actions will more likely cringe when the get a peek of those out of the corner of their eye. I am telling you - all special tricks and wow that looks cool stuff that is so prevalent in a lot of commercial and wedding photography today is tomorrows polyester leisure suit.

This guy uses very simple but nice equipment - A Contax 645 with normal 80mm f2 and Nikon F5's with a 50 and an 85. He shoots all his stuff on film AND he processes his own C41. You could probably afford the same state of the art film processor from a few years ago if you had the space for it as well - you may be able to find one for free locally. No shit.


Ps. This guy is not an cranky old guy like me - he is like 26.

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