Real Film - Real Wedding Photographers

1999011_02.jpgWhen I shoot film nowadays I am mostly a black and white guy because I love black and white. I ran across a couple of guys that shoot color film - commercially. In fact they do NO DIGITAL capture. Their work looks great and they use two different labs for processing. They don't do this to be arty or even use it in their marketing to be some  sort of "retro". In fact they claim to have lost a couple of weddings because the clients could not quite understand that they would get digital output as well. Sort of reverse FUD. They claim (as I have predicted previously) that way too many digital photographers produce way too low of quality and way to cheesy effects that may be the wow of the moment but will look like shit in a couple of years. I agree.

Any way here is one of their sites. Again they use really good film equipment (not as good as mine) but do not spend a ton of money on it. I think the reason the vast majority of casual/amateur photographers switched over to digital, even enthusiasts is due to a couple of factors that are not all that important. The first is that they used shitty labs and got shitty output. Most labs - back when their were a lot of them - sucked. The development sucked and the printing sucked. Today there are some fantastic labs, even the shitty ones give better output than they did but still shitty compared to a great lab and the cost is not really that much different. The other reason is learning - I think amateurs and enthusiasts had a hard time learning with film - especially if they were not involved with processing and printing. If you take what you know now and get a really good lab you might be amazed how good film is and how much better you are.


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