McNally Uses Aperture - Who Knew?

Maybe this is not news you all of you but McNally's assistant just posted something about his workflow. Seems like he uses Aperture for all the organization amongst other things. Guess what the hitch is - he is a Nikon shooter and he does all of his RAW processing in Capture NX2. Given the pain in the ass factor this has to be a giant endorsement for some of Aperture's wonderfulness vs. Lightroom and at the same time a giant indictment about Aperture's RAW processing on NEF files.

The other thing to note is that McNally (and the guy that does the work) loves the Nik suite of tools. Yep so do I. So much so that if Apple would somehow get the RAW processing straitened out and get into bed with Nik incorporating Viviza local adjustments - or the whole suite into Aperture in a more integrated way. Even if it was the "smart object" kind of way (just saving all of the control points file by file and reapplying them when entering the tool again) this would be a game changer in the Aperture v Lightroom competition. I guess what I am saying is take the best out of NX2 and jamb it into Aperture or something thereabouts.


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