Leica M - Kids - 8 Year Old TRI-X

2009_003_25.jpgSomeone was seeking some advice regarding the Leica M9 and shooting his kids in one of the post comments a while back. I thought I would share some of the images from that last roll of eight year old Kodak Tri-X that I developed a couple of days ago. The images in the original post and these were some of the the images on that roll.

Personally I believe that shooting your kids, your brother's, sister's, and neighbor's kids is probably one of the most "important" and "valuable" things you will ever shoot. You can make money doing just about any job - not just photography jobs but when it comes down to what you point your camera at - your kids and people that are close to you, or their kids, will probably be the most important in the long run. Some of the best and most appreciated gifts I have ever given anyone were images of their children. Not for money - just gifts. Unlike other commercial photographers I actually have shot tens of thousands of2009_003_15.jpg images of my children. I think I am pretty good at it. So do other commercial photographer friends of mine - they have begged me to shoot their kids - mostly because they don't. Shooting kids is really hard and most images of kids really suck.

So what about the Leica M and kids? I believe it is a fabulous tool to shoot kids and all people for that matter. These are pretty much some strait scans off of that eight year old roll of daughter No. 3 playing in a puddle. They are not the best images that I have ever made of her but I am glad I made them. I have similar stuff all shot with a Leica M6 - mostly with a 50mm Summicron. If you want to shoot your kids in a football or baseball game from the stands or sidelines the M series is not going to cut it. If you 2009_003_22.jpgwant something that you will always have with you and can shoot fast with confidence the M series is great. Would I want to carry around my Nikon SLR gear with a fast zoom all the time - hell no. In addition to having it with you, it also is very unobtrusive - even with kids this seems to matter.

So I guess my answer to the Leica M9 and kids would be - Yes it is fantastic for shooting kids. What do you think? Do you want to shoot everyday situations like daughter No. 3 playing in a puddle? If yes the M series will do the job, maybe better than your DSLR and definitely better than your point and shoot. Assuming that you put2009_003_09.jpg in the effort to learn how to use it.

I actually think some of these long lost images may have some potential with a little dodging and burning and a slight crop here and there. What do you think? I hope that sharing some of the random non-perfect stuff that I point my camera at is at all informative to you.


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