Film - Trials and Tribulations

badtx.jpgJust had to let you people know - did a second roll of ancient unprocessed film today. It is still drying. If there is anything remotely reproducible/scannable I will post it in an update. This time around it was 8 year old TRI-X. Fog, and guess what edge burning and general look as though I opened the camera with the film still loaded. This time it is worse.

Could it be that this is the reason that this particular roll went unprocessed? Maybe but I am thinking that the tank that I am using has a light leak because the exposure pattern is the same as that roll of TMZ. After studying the edge burn pattern the evidence is inconclusive but I am changing tanks for the the next run.  Am I deterred? Nope - I have plenty of really old unprocessed film laying around to make sure my process is back up and running correctly. That and I am curious to see what the heck was on this film that I decided not tobadtx100.jpg process it at the time.

I really doubt I pulled the dumb-ass mistake of opening the camera back more than once with film still loaded. It is possible but I think that I would remember that. Stay tuned.


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