Seven Year Old TMAX P3200

2009_001_01.jpgWell, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and shoot more film prior to taking the M9 plunge. I really haven't shot film in the last two years since my last move. Well I did shoot some medium format but that was color and was not my M series Leica. In preparation to start shooting seriously with the M series I ordered up a fresh batch of developer and fixer from Photographers Forumulary and it arrived today.

To warm up the old darkroom skills I figured that I would round up a bunch of old unprocessed film that I seem to have accumulated. Don't ask - there are a million reasons that I have unprocessed rolls of film laying around. I started with one that I knew would be a bear. TMZ shot at 1600 in 2002 - at least that is when I wrote the date on it. The results were absolutely horrible, probably the worst thing that has ever come out of the tank. That includes worse than my very first roll of film developed when I was like 13 years old in the parents basement. I did figure out why this roll was not ever processed, which at least satisfies my curiosity.

The reason that this particular roll was not processed was that it is fairly obvious that I opened the camera while there was still film in the camera - ooooops. I am sentimental, I kept it so that I could process it when I wasn't so backed up with "real" photographic work just to see. Well that was seven years after. The list of issues goes on from there.  The fog is so bad that you can't even see through the film - it is now "frosted' instead of transparent.badtmz.jpg It has grain that nobody could love - either that or the coating has reticulation from some abuse over the last 7 years that I forgot about it or I screwed the pooch with temp control and shocked it into reticulation. In any case I am not at all deterred. Well I am a little deterred, namely I am not going to shoot any of the expired TMZ that I have - that is headed for posterity labeled "DO NOT SHOOT - IT WILL LOOK HORRIBLE".

I will keep you up to date on the M series quest - I am going to shoot the M at least as much as I shoot digital for the rest of the year to make sure that I really really want a digital M.


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