Top Ten Most Glamourous Women of All Time

Sophia_Loren.jpgOkay - so what is a post like this doing on a photography site. Answer = nothing, except it is an amusing conversation that I had with a few participants and a couple of models during an after hours review of work during one of the workshops I hosted. Of course there was absolutely no agreement or consensus for this particular list as a whole. How could there be, so much is based on individual taste, recollections, the minds eye of assembled images, voices, and portrayal, etc, etc. This was my list, heavily flavored by women I was exposed to during my formative years, or at least my impressions of them. Maybe the word glamourous is not even the right word - but I guess it is the only one word that means way more than "pretty" and wraps up a whole lot more. I think the french have a specific expression that does not translate well - I forget what it is.

On with the show, in no particular order. By the way I am a Veronica guy - vs. a Betty guy.

Jule Numar - my favorite catwoman.


Raquel Welch - a 60's icon and amazing.


Angelina Jolie - yep, on my all time list, has been since Gia.


Brigitte Bardot - my oh, oh my.


Audrey Hepburn - later vs. earlier, Yes this is a drawing but it captures the younger and the more mature Audrey.


Sophia Loren- Anybody that can't agree on this one is blind or an idiot, or maybe lying as in "Honey, do you thing Sophia is sexy?" - "Whooo, oh no, not nearly as sexy as you my dear"


Elizabeth Taylor - This may be a little controversial for the younger crowd - still images do this woman no justice - you have to see a movie with the whole package going. Yes Liz was one serious hotty.


Catherine Zeta-Jones - Hey I told you I am a sucker for the Veronica Type.


Liv Tyler - Hey it's my list here and this is my from left field pick.


Bette Paige - Yep - any arguments here? This is my substitute for what you may have expected - If I had to choose - Bette or Marilyn, it would be BP.



Ps. Feel free to include your top ten list - and rationale, always fun to see the overlap and the arguments.

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