Leica Finally Does Digital Right

2000_064_07.jpgRemember my ill fated new camera scheme back at the beginning of the summer? If you don't here it is in a nutshell. Sell my relatively new stuff while the resale value is still high and buy a D700 and a D3x. Well I sold my stuff and in the short time that I was without it I realized my old stuff, my really old stuff like my D2 series stuff was just fine. There was no way I was now going to drop $10,000, even if most of it was subsidized by my recent sale of newer bodies.

You may also remember that I have pooh poohed all of the small cameras that have hit the scene since the beginning of time. None have held a candle to my DSLR stuff in terms of quality so I don't own one. They all still make crappy images unlike my small Leica M6. I guess I got spoiled 25 years ago when my small Leica "travel" kit produced fantastic images, maybe better than all of my big SLR junk. I guess my standards for small camera images have been set impossibly high. Heck even if small cameras produced adequate images, not great, but adequate, I was just not able to get over feeling so compromised. I ended up using my D200 and a smaller lens kit as my "small" camera.

Finally, finally, finally Leica has released the M9 earlier this month. The M9 is exactly what I have been craving. Finally my small camera is back and it's digital. All of my Leica glass will work just fine on it with no magnifier effect, not so bad for DSLR's but killer for a rangefinder, rendering the M8 series useless for the lens kit I owned. Finally no more feeling like I would love to bring my Leica M6 but I am doing that for convenience so I will have to deal with inconvenient  film, ahhh screw it I will just take the D200. Finally.

I am getting an M9 with my proceeds from earlier this summer. That is final. I may wait a month or so but this is a done deal. I may even buy myself a lens for the M9 as well, not that I need any more lenses. Maybe I will get something outrageous like the new Noctilux, like I don't have enough fast Lieca 50's. Hey this is RB-o-nomics at work. I was set on spending 10,000, I ended up not spending it, so now anything that is 10,000 or under is free - you see that money was already psychologically gone anyway. Hmmmmm, M9+Noctilux, same $10,000 bucks but I will get a forever lens that will probably double in value over the next 10 years since nobody in their right mind buys them except crazy people and when they stop making them the 14 made will cost like $1mm. This plus I will have so much fun using this thing for like the first 6 months vs the $10,000 in same old same old Nikon bodies that are great cameras but will be worth spit in 2 years. The M9 will still be worth spit also but Leica spit at least and that would only be half of the $10,000 investment or so.

I just had to post an image that I shot with my Leica M6. This was shot with my 90mm Elmarit at 2.8, wide open, 1/125 on Kodak TRI-X pushed to 1600 processed in believe it or not PMK pyro. Obviously not the first time I tried that combo. Ooooooh I cannot wait. This is the first time that I have had gear lust in like ummmm, 5 years.


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