Why Things Suck

I am in an extremely bad and funky mood today, so if you are not in the mood to commiserate on planetary and possibly intergalactic suck-y-ness then you may want to move on. So why do things suck? We'll after thinking about it for like 30 seconds, things suck because people are idiots combined with the recent evolution of just about everything being too cheap and too easy. I am not talking about a specific person, I am generally pretty tolerant in one on one cases, I am speaking about populations - just about any population, be it "photographers", "software developers",  movie directors, whites, blacks, asians, republicans, democrats, etc.

Case in point - photography. We have loads of it but in my opinion the images have gotten worse not better. Maybe the color is better, maybe the focus is better, and god knows in focus or not they are all idiotically "sharper" and more saturated. The problem is what used to be fantastic indicators of crappy photographs are gone so for most idiots it is hard to tell the difference between a good photograph and a not so good photograph. Hence just like 50 years ago most photographs are crap, they suck, only now they look like good photographs at first glance. For instance take 499 crappy images and put them on a web page with 1 fantastic image. Can you find it? I doubt it, unless you are willing to wade through the muck. So which one do you look at? For 99.9999999% of humans you look at the brightest, most contrasty, most blaring, screaming, eye-blistering one there is. That is why photography sucks. I liked it better when it took time, effort, and cost money to make something eye blistering. Now that eye blistering is free, quick, and easy I move that all camera makers, image software producers, etc. just make eye blistering the default mode and we can be done with it.

"Hey why are you making that okay picture of your new born making my eye's bleed with the dave hill auto filter?"

answer: "cause if I don't everybody with think it is not fantastic.

""but it's not fantastic, and now it's horrific"

answer: "now it is"

This extends to just about everything, take software as another instance. Wordpress is the biggest pile of steaming crap ever. I swear to god I am ditching this thing as soon as I have a week to write my own content management software. Why does it suck? not the technology, not the PHP, it sucks because there is so much utter shit written by shit-heads pretending to be software developers that is now Wordpress it is unbelievable. That goes for all of PHP-dom. I wouldn't get involved in the PHP community if my life depended on it, - 99.9% grocery store clerks churning out utter crap that includes all of the other convenience  store checkout peoples shitty code. - 0.1% actual software development people. Hell these people are so stupid it is impossible to even communicate why their code is shitty to them.

Maybe barriers to entry into any endeavor are not such a bad idea, not gigantic ones, just little tiny ones. The problem is it is too cheap and easy to make anything look acceptable. It should be just a tiny bit harder. Just a tiny bit. LIke it cost you 5 cents every time you hit the eye-bliter button. Something like that. Problem is just turning something on - no matter what - will get you acceptable sound, appearance, etc. There is no way for whatever anybody is trying to do to NOT to WORK and look/sound/etc okay. Hence we get things that suck from idiots. "News", "entertainment", "images", "music" tons of it because there are no barriers to entry in any endeavor and by default you get stuff that looks, sounds, smells, just like everyone else's. Just make it loud and cheap and your not only there - you win.

That is why stuff sucks.

Rant over.


Ps Fuck Flickr.com to.

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