Nikon, Leica, and Other Announcements

I don't know about you but I am scratching my head over some of the latest announcements from Nikon, Leica, and Olympus. The least puzzling are the Nikon products, they are the least puzzling but also nothing to write home about. Not only are they nothing to write home about but they are also not going to get me to part with my hard earned cash.

Let's review Nikon's new stuff real quick. First we have the D300s whooopie we now have HD video and another card slot of a different type of media. Fantastic. A really small D3000 that maybe the most interesting thing but not for me. Last we get a mildly updated 70-200 AFS 2.8 VR. Don't get me wrong if you happen to be in the market for these and don't already have something similar they are great and make Nikon's offerings in all of these categories a little fresher. What I personally would have love to have seen is a massive price drop on the D300 exactly like it is, a D700x at the current D700 price point and the D700 exactly like it is with a price drop to where the D300 currently sits. I am no costing expert but I have to believe that the D700 as it sits today cannot possibly cost more to produce than the D300 did when it was brand new. Given the current state of affairs with the economy and everyone selling less product than they did a year or two ago I would think that kind of announcement would jolt a lot of people sitting around with older bodies into an upgrade frenzy, spur a couple of fence sitting photographers using other brands to switch, and people looking to move up the Nikon line to go nuts. Just saying…

Moving on to the Leica S2. What a fantastic system, the only catch is that If I was in the market for something like this I would have committed to one of the MF systems that have been around for a number of YEARS. If I was using say a Hasselblad H2D or H3D with any number of digital backs what the heck would I want this thing for? I just don't get who this camera is targeted at. If you have ideas let me know.

Last is the Olympus - you know the one that cost a bundle but is really not much more than a point and shoot with no view finder. Give me the Canon G9 or G10 any day. Who the heck is this thing for?


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