Random Ephemera For The Week

DSC_0300___Version_2__1_.jpgJust wanted to share a couple of random tidbits from the week of stuff that I learned or relearned or haven't thought about for a while that some of you may find useful. Like most of you I figure things out by intent or accident about 700 times a day and always say "I should write that down" - I never do but I say it anyway. This week I decided that at least I would pass along a couple Apple/Photo/Aperture related things that a couple of you may enjoy. Your milage could vary.

I had to make a quick print of the attached image and did not feel like changing ink sets for my "pro" printer so I made one on one of my trusty free printers from Apple, specifically the Canon PIXMA iP4200 that I usually use for invoices and such. Anyway to make a long story short I remembered that when I tested it a couple of years ago with the free Canon photo paper that was included I was actually impressed with the color accuracy and overall quality given that I was using direct printing from Aperture (no RIP) and the indecipherable profiles that Canon provides were unbelievably accurate and actually did expand the gamut of the printer to more closely resemble AdobeRGB. Soooo I had only 4x6 Canon paper left but a gaggle of HP advanced photo glossy that I got for free somewhere in 8.5x11. I figured I would give it a try considering I am lazy and was not about to profile the printer paper combination.

Guess what! Using the Canon SP2 (Canon Photo Plus Paper) profile with the HP advanced glossy looked fantastic. Out of curiosity I printed the same image on the Canon 4x6 paper and they looked identical. Bottom line - if you have a Canon the SP2 ICC profile is a perfect match when using HP advanced glossy if you are in a pinch.

Moving on here is a big surprise that I also stumbled upon by complete accident. I was using my iPhone headphones with my new Unibody MacBook Pro and guess what I discovered. The little microphone works when plugged into the MacBookPro headphone jack. This is fantastic considering I am a big-time Skype user and can now eliminate one more thing that I carry when I travel, namely my USB microphone. I hate the sound quality using the built in mic on the MacBook, you just cannot get close enough and it picks up too much ambient. I have no idea when this started to work hardware wise but if you have a unibody or something around that vintage try it. You gotta love apple for including things like this. Is it documented anywhere? I've never seen it anywhere from Apple.

Last but not least for those that use Aperture. I re-re-re learned the best way to solve random wackiness in behavior when printing directly from Aperture, like what I experienced with borderless printing not working for my quick and dirty print, is to trash the printing preferences and presets in the ~Library/ApplicationSupport/Aperture directory. I forgot this because I have been using the ColorByte RIP for a long time now to deal with my printing needs.


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