The RB Community Photo Critique Group

Well folks, even though there was a total lack of interest based on the poll numbers I have opened the RB community photo critique group for business. I even posted one of my love/hate images as the first thread to kick it off.

I uploaded a full size scan at a full 8000 pixels a side for those pixel peepers out there that want to gripe about "sharpness", anything goes as long as there is reason along with the comments. I hope it provides for some good discourse and a friendly environment to get some feedback from fellow photo enthusiasts.

I received a couple of comments and emails from people asking me if it is only for "Pro" or "Advanced" photographers. My firm belief is that all feedback and opinion is valuable one way or another. If "Pro" photographers only listened to the opinion of other "Pro" photographers on image content, quality, aesthetics, etc. who would the sell their images to? So… join in, have fun, share your opinion, and do not worry if your images are not "better" than those that you share your opinion with. It's not a contest.

Here is the the group url


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