Printer Deal of the Century

Just wanted to share a fantastic printer deal that I found at my local Walmart with all you folks out there. My experience with printers is limited to two categories of printers that I own. The first is the really expensive stuff that I and my colleagues use to produce idiotically big prints. The second are the itty bitty random free letter size printers that the Apple store folks force me into taking no matter how hard I fight it when I buy a new Mac. I have broken down and asked the Apple store folks what is going to take me less time at this point. Much to my chagrin the last free printer that I got was a Canon - it was so freaking good that I have actually bought new ink for it and use it here and there for the random letters, brochures, etc. Anyway - I went to Walmart today to pick up a printer for a non-photo person today for really really cheap and got a Canon iP2600 - exactly what I was looking for, small, simple, not multi-function, good print quality, low volume, occasional small photos. The grand total $30. Yep the printer with ink cost 70¢ LESS than the color and black ink cartridges. Bonus, it came with a USB cable. Oh and it actually looks good. WTF RB

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