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2002_006_11.jpgA few readers and I have been discussing the creation of a new group on flickr. The purpose and focus of the flickr group would be the sharing and growth of all of us. Not a popularity contest, not a group focused on an particular subject matter but a real honest to goodness critique. I think this would be great and the couple of people that I have discussed this with believe that there is a need and desire to get sound feedback from others that love photography.

The gigantic question that I have or more accurately questions are what kind of structure? I really do not want a post and run or forced post one comment three bullshit kind of group but more of a group discussion in a format that is productive and informative for everyone that participates. Here are my thoughts.

1) Invite only group. We will work out how that works but we'll make it easy, the invite part is to avert spam.

2) A set of feedback guidelines - not to be restrictive but more to facilitate generation of feedback that is useful.

3) Moderated in such a way every photo in the pool must have a thread, or should we just use comments on the photo as a discussion? Hmmmm. My vote is to have the discussion in the group forum.

4) I am willing to put some time into the critiques but I will absolutely need some help administering the group. Any volunteers?

Anyway anyone out there interested in this kind of flickr group???

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Vote with the poll and definitely leave some words in the comments for those that might be interested.


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