Fantastic Ink Jet Paper

DSC_0320.jpgI have been doing a lot of black and white lately. God I love not having to go with the whims and tastes of commercial clients. Okay here is the news, I have recently switched the paper that I use for producing inkjet prints. While I am still in the testing stages for general use papers I have found the "one" that I plan on using for black and white digital output.

I do not do this lightly. I do not test every new product that comes to market. I find a product that I like and works the way that I want it to and then I usually stick with it. Every once in a while I hear so many good things about a product from people that I trust, see it in person that I am compelled to check it out for myself. I did and I am floored. If you are really into making prints you have to check this stuff out for yourself as well. Especially if you found your digital black and white prints not quite what you wanted and have been searching for something better as I have.

The paper I am talking about is from a company called Museo. The paper that I am hooked on is their Silver Rag. I have tried a bunch of Museo products and am considering some of their other products but the Silver Rag is a no brainer all engines forward for my black and white output. Check it out. The surface is fantastic, it's ability to produce blacks and hold detail in the shadows is fantastic. The highlights are bright without being neon UV treated artificial techno crap. WOW.

Get some from B+H and help me finance the site if you are into it.

Museo Silver Rag at B+H

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