Never Saw This Light Before

DSC_0292.jpgI have been having a couple of conversations with various e-buddies about laziness, inspiration, cameras, film, and just getting off my ass to make some images. One of the reasons that I don't do much commercial work any more is that it is so easy to become jaded with photography. Once you feel that you can make a picture of anything anytime you want because you have to it is easy to slip into a place where you have no desire to.

Over the last week or so I have been making and effort to go out and make at least one reasonable image every day. Even if it is in my own neighborhood. You know what? I have had a blast doing it. No schedule, no production planning, no models to deal with. Just me an whatever camera I feel like grabbing. Taking a walk is nice, being outside in June here is nice and I am actually doing scenics - I am not a landscape guy. I am going to do my best to make a reasonable image every day.

If I can keep it up and really make a commitment to it I am thinking about starting a little flickr group for all of us here that are interested in each others images and hoping to get some others off of their collective butts and photograph their neighborhood and local surroundings in new and different ways every day. Along with some group sharing, therapy, and collective motivation, I have also discussed an open, honest, critique group. Let me know who might be interested. I may make it private to keep out the riffraff, we'll see.

Now to the real topic of this post. I happened to be out shooting a couple of images of my little neighborhood harbor last evening and saw the light/atmospheric effects in the image at the top of the post. Barely visible to the naked eye or casual observer but I saw it. I cranked up some various color filters and boosted contrast to make it pop in this black and white conversion. I have never seen anything like this. No it's not "god rays" of the sun coming down through the clouds and lighting up mist. No it's not photoshopped in. Think about this for a moment. This is at dusk and the sun is at the horizon almost directly BEHIND me NOT in front of me. and the rays seem to be emanating from the far horizon.

Anybody know what the heck this is? What causes it?

It's not some weird lens thing going on - I have torture tested this lens trying to get it to do strange flare-y stuff and strange aperture stuff in all manner of conditions for years AND I saw the effect with my eyes too.


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