Film - Polapan100 Instant Black and White Slides

DSC_7985.jpgHere is a fun one. Way out of production Polapan black and white slide film. As far as I know this was only available as an instant 35mm film that you shot and then processed "instantly" in a little machine that you could by from Polaroid. The little machine was pretty cool and could process all of the other Polaroid 35mm slide films as well. You had to crank a little handle at a specific speed, not to fast, not too slow.

This film was basically useless prior to digital film scanning and obsolete as soon as it became even a little useful. Virtually impossible to print well prior to digital output. Extremely strange almost surreal look and odd tonal response. Not sharp, very soft grain, but here it is a 4000 DPI in all it's glory.


Worst case it may giive you some visual ideas for beating your digital into submission for a project that calls for something a bit off the beaten path.

On another note the image at the top of the post is Polapan slide film on a lightbox rendered in pretty much absolutely perfect color (true to life) thanks to the wonders of the modern digicam, RAW files, and the ability to really really get accurate color temperature today.

and how about that at 100% as in looking at it under a microscope.



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