Ansel Adams Lightroom Presets

DSC_0207.jpgLike most other people that publish a website either for business, pleasure, or creative outlet I monitor where visitors to the site come from. If this were a commercial site I would do this to fine tune what is making me money. I look at where visitors come from and how they ended up here for amusement, satisfaction of my curiosity, and every once in a while to assess what kind of posts I might publish based on keywords that people use to get here.

Some keywords are really useful to guide me in what I hope to be useful information like "aperture organization", "aperture file management", "lightroom vs aperture", etc. The more specific the topic the more useful it is to figure out what may be helpful to readers from an outsiders perspective. A great example from the past is "do I need gels when shooting raw". Some keyword searches are perplex me, amuse me to see what people type into google, and some I will just not ever address because I wouldn't know where to start. I really loved "how the hell does aperture work i am really mad and confused" - that is so different than anything I would ever type into a google search it's funny.DSC_0196.jpg

At this point I doubt you are wondering where the title for this post came from. "Ansel Adams Lightroom presets" were search terms used to get to this site. The first couple of times that I saw them I thought to myself "what could this person actually want?". The big surprise is that I have seen these keywords pop up a couple of times every day for about a year. I really do not know what to do with them. Should I make fun of them? Maybe some sarcastic humor like my fine art lesson? Or should I take them seriously and actually try to deal with satisfying the "need". Wait maybe I should put up a a bunch of before and after images and sell an actual "Ansel Adams Lightroom preset" for $39.95 or something?

DSC_8004.jpgAnsel Adams did a fantastic job codifying his process of controls in the zone system and made some wonderful landscape images. Nothing really new, just codified. What he didn't do is do a good job of putting the whole thing together in terms of treatment of a specific image. He also was the worlds worst portrait photographer - especially in color.

I would love to hear input on what people searching for an "Ansel Adams Lightroom preset" actually want. An HDR lesson in getting lots of detail on the "negative"?, manipulating overall "print" contrast? or most importantly localized exposure adjustments for the final "print"? Anyone know where the heck to start with this? How about where to start in the context of a "Lightroom preset"?


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