Polaroid Type 665 PN - RIP - A Unique and Interesting Film

2001_665_01_full.jpgPolaroid Type 665 is pretty much Type 55 in a medium format pack. A little background for those not familiar with Polaroid materials. I never really shot Polaroid materials as my primary medium. Some people have made a career out of it. Most of us old-timers did use it to check lighting and confirm everything was just right before letting it rip. After seening someone or other's gallery show done entirely using Poloaroid Type 55 I decided to give it a try and used it as my proofing and test shots from then on out. Here is why.

Most Polaroid films give you a single print and a big gooey mess that you can use if you want to roll it onto another piece of paper - aka a Polaroid transfer - sort of. Type 55 and Type 665 give you a positive AND a negative, all you need to do to develop the real honest to goodness negative is dip it in a sodium sulfite bath and give it a rinse. This was pretty cool, the negatives had a unique look and every once in a while I shot them purely for effect. Every once in a while I ended up liking some of my first few proofs better than the other 20 shots that I made for the set and used one of the proof negatives as the final. Nice.2001_665_01.jpg

If you ever get a chance to play with this stuff it is a blast, has a look so unique and coveted that there are a bunch of fine art people that hoard this stuff and charge big money to shoot it on commission or save it for only the work they are sure about. I cannot believe someone hasn't bought the license and started producing it yet. This stuff is bringing like $50 for a 10 exposure pack on eBay and elsewhere. If you do stumble across some be careful. If the sheets of material are stuck together at all inside the pack and you pull the tab and it doesn't come out you are toast and there goes your $50. I do know some devotees actually take the old packs a apart in the dark and un-stick everything to make sure before shooting older stuff.


Ps. I still have a couple of boxes of this stuff left, it really does have a unique rendering as you can clearly see through the dust and scratches on the 100% crop (Don't ask - long story, I am usually a clean freak when it comes to negatives) I am sort of scared to shoot the stuff - anyone out there have any idea on what the recent state of affairs is with someone making 665 again?

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