Kodak Ektachrome 100S Film

1997003_31.jpgI loved this stuff when it came out in both the regular old S and the SW varieties. It completely replaced Kodachrome 64 for my personal use, as well as replaced regular Ektachrome Pro (EPP) and a bunch of different constantly changing Fuji stuff for my commissioned work. The new Ektachrome G films are similar and just as good, maybe even "better".

Ektachrome 100S was by no means a loud film like Fuji Velvia (never took a liking to that stuff myself but shot it when requested). You could use it on people,  you could use it on anything. Here it is in the 35mm regular old S variety. Check out how smooth the grain is at 4000 DPI. Amazing. That is why my eyes roll into the back of my head when listening to endless debates aobut "noise" at ISO 800, 1600, and beyond. Are you kidding me? Again no sharpening, a little unsharp mask and the detail even from these hand held casual shots is blistering. Post adjustments were to black point only to get the flim base to true black.1997003_31___Version_2.jpg

This chrome was shot with a Nikon F2AS and a so-so 35mm f2.0 lens around f8. Hyperfocalish focus point somewhere behind the flowers in the foreground. I hated that lens compared to my Leica 35mm Summicron but I was shooting some telephoto shots as well and didn't want to carry around two kits. I guess there are worse lenses on the planet, like the abyssmal Nikon 24-50. Don't get me wrong they are fine for 6x9 prints, actualy flawless except for distortion but dogs at larger than 11x14. Checkout the chromatic abberation in the shot of the dome against the sky. I never noticed this with a 10x loupe.



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