Nikon D200 Gets Wet, Real Wet

DSC_0145.jpgJust wanted all you Nikon shooters to know if you happen to be shooting a D200 or D300 and your camera gets a little damp, don't sweat it. I took a ride in a Zodiak the other day and we got swamped while I was carrying a D200 around my shoulder with a Nikon 12-24 AFS lens on my shoulder. I mean this was a lot of water, a whole lot all at once. Now I have had my D2H's, my D2x's (before they were liberated from me), and my D3 get wet and based on experience with my D2H's never really worried about it. The D200 has seen a very short life with me and they still look like new. I bought them when my D2x's (both of them) were stolen and that not even a year before I got the D3.  So they really haven't seen much of the world - heck I think that one has under 10K exposures on it.

Back on point - the D200 get real wet and I was a little worried that It might have seen it's life cut a little short. Nothing to dry it off with when we arrived on shore considering everything was wet. So with the D200 quite literally still dripping I fired off a couple of shots of the closest interesting subject. A big dead fish - I think it's a carp?

Just wanted to give you the first hand report that these things are built very very well and don't give up the ghost easily.


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