Candid Frame Plug

DSC_9697_1.jpgAs I have mentioned before I am a podcast-a-holic, most of the once I listen to have nothing to do with photography. I was catching up on my podcasts the other day and one of my favoites asked to do him a favor by trying to spread the word about his little corner of the podcast world. Now that was like three episodes ago but hey better late than never.

Out of all the ridiculous repetitive info-mercial crap out there one of the shining beacons of hope is The Candid Frame. As I mentioned before, the gentleman that runs the show is a fantastic interviewer that really gets a lot out of his guests and his guests are the rockstars and who's who of photography over the last few decades.

Do yourself a favor and check it out. If you are really into photography or even if you are not they are interesting, entertaining, and you will learn a whole lot more than listening to the 7413th person prattle on about shutter speeds, how to make your photos look like cartoons in Photoshop, or HDR.

I promise.


Ps. If you missed my rants about the state of affairs in podcasts last year you can see it here podcast rant.

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