The Next Aperture?

DSC_9596_standard.jpgI have resisted writing a post like this for quite a while. Mostly due to the fact that there are plenty of sources of complaints, wishlists, and prognostications about Aperture's features, what it needs, and how it should or shouldn't work. Somehow I feel like the sole Aperture cheerleader out there and am feeling a little lonely. Today I am going to vent a bit about what I feel Aperture needs. I am not going to do this from a how can we sell more copies perspective or repeat a lot of what I hear from people that appear to have used Aperture for about 3 hours and really do not grasp the software or for that matter repeat gripes about how difficult Aperture is to force into a backwards way of doing things. I am going to list what is going to cause me to replace Aperture as my primary workflow tool as someone that uses the product day in and day out. Caution! I may actually use some bad words from here on out.

  1. I either want Adobe's RAW procesng engine and camera profiles or I want Apple to do something at least as good. I am a Nikon shooter and the state of afairs in NEF processing in Aperture sucks. Screw debating about the merits of this and that, screw pixel peeping. I like the color I get from NX2 and now from ACR. I like knowing how my WB is going to interact with color. Apple's RAW engine has gone nowhere in most respects with NEF's. I look at a new camera body the way I used to look at a new film back in the day - A giant pain in the ass. Apple your NEF processing blows and I am sick and tired of having to screw around to get my color the way I want it. See the image at the top of the post - that is NX2 picture control standard - here is the Aperture default.DSC_9596___Version_2.jpg
  2. Aperture's keyword and metadata tools were freaking great - back in version 1.0 too bad they have gone absolutely nowhere. For god's sake keyword hierarchies are great. To freaking bad Apple can find their way clear to find a freaking way to freaking put a freaking G.D. check-freaking-box to embed all of the freaking hierarchy in exported images. This sucks. Screw this I am freaking tired of using my piece of freaking crap script to do this in a backwards dumb ass way. While you are adding the check box think about doing something innovative too. Like maybe keyword synonyms, maybe one upping Lightroom and allowing you to embed not only the primary hierarchy but all of the synonyms for all of the keywords too. Now this would be a huge win for people that actually shoot stock. Heck it's great as a search tool too. WTF Oh and give some real support for XMP - it is amazing how easy it is to get out of Aperture why not make it easy to get XMP in and not just once but some sort of sync mechanizm.
  3. Printing is and has been hopelessly broken since V2. Let's add to the fact that the printing features are not even useful for anything but a print either. We are talking about Aperture prints going wonky without rhym or reason. Yes I know what I am doing. Yes I have a backwards ass way of fixing it by trashing this and that and then waving some chicken bones to get printing to work again but again WTF? Let's assume that half of the printing issues that come up on the support forum are idiots that have no idea what they are doing. Okay that's 6,349 per day divided by 2 for the idiot factor and we'll round down for the anecdoteal factor we're left with 3000 issues per day. This is broken. Hey while you are at it take a look at Lightroom printing.
  4. Please let me select and manipulate more than one freaking project at a time in the inspector, please, please. I promise if I accidently delete more than one instead of accidently deleting only one I will not call support and blame you guys.
  5. Give the book tool some love. I was a great start with V1 but has also gone nowhere. It still has potential and may be the only reason I still use Aperture but...
  6. Gimme some local adjustmens like Lightroom only way better.
  7. Gimme a really good surprise like Photomagico integrated only better. Like a way way better slideshow and a way not only to show them but output them to a bunch of different places really easy. Sort of a book tool for slideshows, you know Photomagico integrated only better.
  8. Either get rid of the web tools or make them do something useful and really cool. Not like iWeb, iWeb sucks. Gimme some web tools that really really help somebody that does photography and web stuff more than like twice a year.
  9. Not that I am a big HDR fan but you would surprise everyone if you gave the world a reall kickass state of the art and easy to use HDR toolset integrated with Aperture and maybe some stitching stuff to go along with it.
  10. Although not really on my make or break list I will through in a bone for some additional file management and syncronization features. Just make sure that if you must include some idiotic mobile me sync crap that you help the rest of us that deal with a laptop and a main library to speed things up with easy but sophisticated and controlable features that are not broken when mobile me is broken.

There it is that is my list, anythiing surprising to all of you folks out there? Anything that I missed that you guys thing absolutely must be in the next Aperture? If so let me know what you think. I swear if Apple goes and puts some dumb ass mobile me shit and faces in there or some asinine mapping crap that does me no good on a daily basis (and most other people that actually use this stuff more than the 5 minute in store demo) I will be done with the product, I swear I will. I will be done if there is just some freaking window dressing and no meat that helps me spend less time and produce better quality.

Over and out.


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