Aperture, Simple or Complex

I thought the last post would help with the emails but no….

One question really stood out though. "Why are you an Aperture guy?"


What comes to mind is that I understand complexity but love simplicity and I Aperture seems to be an expression of that in the way that my brain works. I would guess that it is the best expression of that that I happen to have seen when it comes to image processing software.

Hell, I understand exactly how it works, and how it expresses itself to the world. Amazing. From my perspective people having issues undersnading Aperture have to do with two things. First, people that think they know "what they are doing" that do not like to tell the software exactly what to do (in reality they have no idea what they are doing and are used to being 100& in conrol, nice fantacy). Second people that think both cameras and computers are magic.

I guess the big or not so big annoncement for the "pro-apps" is coming up in about 3 weeks, I guess there will have to be a quiz or so on what people want and what they expect.


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