Photography - I Love Art, I Cannot Stand The Art 'Culture'

drebin_movie_star.jpegSo here is my latest creation. I just happened to be playing around with a couple of lights in the basement while getting blasted. One of my favorite weekend activities. I perfectly captured the way my girlfried acts when I tell her that I am absolutely not refinishing the basement and no I do not want to see the latest chick-flic with her friends tomorrow. I think this is an awesome shot considering I had 5 martinis and I didn't even adjust the lights. I got the whole semi fake melodrama thing that she does and it even looks kind of strait. I am selling copies for $16,000. Get'um while they last.

Actually this is David Drebin's photo that just set an auction record for somewhere north of that price this month. Don't believe me? Google it, the title is "Movie Star". I have no issue with David Drebin. I have an issue with society in general, you have got to be kidding me. Yeh, yeh, yeh, I am missing it, I am an idiot, I have no idea what it took to make this image, the blood, the sweat, the planning, the humanity, the suffering. Screw that, I cannot believe this crap. But wait it's a "limited" edition of 30"x40" digital C prints. You see this art is so rarified that the bits deteriorated after just a few of the ultra rare digital C print process and you just can't make them any more.



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