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Page_01.jpegJust wanted to share a tidbit regarding Aperture hardcover book titles that another reader and I worked on via email last week. I took a couple of guesses about the strange and opaque process that happens after clicking "buy book" and my new online buddy Florian came up with a work-around for his issue that I thought was really cool. First a little background. Florian was making a really great looking book with a combination of street images and architecture from a few European cities that he recently traveled to. His end goal was to obtain an Apple produced hardcover book in his hands. No big deal right? Well sort of, first off he put a ton of time into it and it shows. Maybe he will be gracious enough to share an online version with the rest of the readers. Anyway the theme that he selected, like most themes, had a very large title font for the front cover. The title of the book is "Paris| Barcelona | Lisbon". Florian's concern was that the PDF he was examining had an extra bit in it that was to be printed on the book spine and it "looked" far far too big. His problem was that there was no obvious way to control the size of the title text on the spine.

My guess was that the cover title font also controlled the font for the title on the spine. I was right. Hooray score one for the home team. Ooops not so fast now the issue was the title on the actual front cover looked too small. Hey I told you Florian's book looks fantastic, that's because he sweats the details like this. Florian's work-around for this is absolutely brilliant. Change the official title supplied in the book theme to optimize for the spine of the book. Drag the whole front title text box off of the front cover to a non-printing area. Add a new text box with whatever font size you want to the front cover. Now you have complete control over the font for both the spine title and the front cover title.

I have another guess. The other guess is that if the spine title is too big it is probably handled gracefully at printing time but regardless Florian did not want to take the chance and probably ended up with a more perfectly designed book in the end.


Ps. Today's image is a piece of the front cover from Florian's book. It looks even better at full size without all the web compression. Florian's website is here, you may want to check it out. He has some really nice stuff. He also has a blog using a photoblog service that I was not familiar with, it looks pretty cool for those looking for a nice looking site with a lot of image oriented features and navigation.

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