Aperture News and Annoncements

3224311322_c4602b080b.jpgAs most of you probably know we all get a brand spanking not so new update to Aperture. The latest greatest version is now 2.1.3. I have read a couple of reports that this actually does fix some esoteric issues that some people have been searching for a solution to for quite some time. That is the good news, the bad news is holy crap Apple - can you possibly muster a 2.2 or something that has just a tidbit or two for the Aperture faithful. I want camera profiles like the ACR users have. Maybe a way to drag more than one project around, something, anything. Ah well, I guess I will just amuse myself with the anecdotal "I upgraded and it broke all my stuff" stories that will flood the support boards for the next month or so.

On another note here is something that may keep a few of you entertained in a more productive way. Asuka books have finally released a Mac book tool as of like yesterday or something. For most things I will probably use Aperture books to do the design for Asuka production as I have described in the past but will give the new tools from Asuka a whirl as well. If you are interested you can get the really brand spanking new book tools from Asuka here. Anyone that has let me know what it's like if you have the time, I probably won't have time to really play with it for a while.


Edit - I did get the emails from all of you readers that complained about the lack of a pretty picture at the top of the post - so here it is. On that note I never really noticed that the images in posts were that big of a deal. Anyone that has time let me know what you would like to see here:

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