Major New Site Features Coming

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been hard at work revamping the site using a completely different set of technology. While I do like Wordpress as a simple platform for publishing a blog, it is not at all a viable platform for implementing anything complex. While there are plug-ins that do just about everything and the source is available to hack it to death, I would rather start with something that had the features I have in mind. A number of readers have requested that I add features and functionality to the site (esp. our good buddy Micheal) that would take far too much hacking and then not be very good at the end of it all.

To this end I have been working on a new site that will allow virtually unlimited growth in terms of functionality, content, users, and contributors using a full-blown CMS (content management system). Since this is free, I do it by myself in my spare time, and I happen to be a big fan of open source I settled on using Drupal as the core architecture. Drupal 6 had pretty much everything that I need to get going and a nice clean architecture for growth and addition of functionality down the road.

There were some other factors in addition to various reader requests and suggestions that caused me to make this idiotically large time commitment. If anyone is interested they were the demise of O'Reilly  Digital Media's "Inside Aperture" now that they have dissolved the organization and don't pay for articles anymore. The seemingly dead Aperture User Network with it's "pay to see the good content" model and the fact that the largest most active Aperture community happens to be Apple's support forum that is hopelessly stuck in the last millennium's tech support forum functionality.

If anyone is out there is interested in helping out with the migration, implementation, and contributing to the new site let me know. If you think that this is a stupid idea feel free to let me know as well.


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