Alive and Kicking

DSC_9987.jpgTo those that sent emails that I have not answered yet - yes I am alive - thank you for caring. For the most part I have been trying to keep up with the idiotically increased email flow on various topics regarding subject matter from help with specific work-flow issues, clarifications on articles that obviously needed some clarification, to proving that I am not blind based on some recommendations regarding NEF processing in Aperture that I posted a while ago. No I am not blind, yes I can see the difference between NX2 and my suggestions, my question is why do you assume NX2 is "correct" or "better"?

Anyway - I have spent a bunch of time trying to help folks with all kinds of issues - doing my best - only one guy. Heads up for those about to ask - there does seem to be a very strange issue with Aperture and the D700 RAW processing under circumstances that I and other people that I have been exchanging files with concur really sucks. I may have to go buy one (or borrow a friend's) since I am still into the ones that have the grip built-in. My ego says that I can make short-work of the issue, my head is telling me it's something only apple can fix.

The picture at the top is my idiotic attempt at the feeling of beach glass - no I don't know a freaking thing about macro.


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