Who the Hell Needs More Megapixels?


There has been a ton of talk about the Nikon D3x of late. Like how expensive it is - who the hell do those Nikon people think they are charging eight freaking thousand dollars for a camera? - and such. Well I guess they think they are sort of like one of those Canon 1Ds guys or maybe a little bit less than those Phase One dudes or dudettes but a whole lot less than the mighty leaf people.

I find it hilarious that most folk even comment on this. Especially those that have never shot 4x5 or larger film. Now that is expensive to do it justice and not just shoot it willy nilly and produce random crap in the name of "art". What is even more laughable is those that spend a ton on lenses and bodies that then spend copious time in PS to get rid of the detail they so cherish in just such a special way.

Hey - give me two D3x's to go - I cannot wait to get my hands on them in about  a month or two. Bye bye leaf - you may have extracted your last dollar out of me. I wonder if I will hear a bunch from the you don't understand crowd, sounding similar to the but film is so wonderful in it's wonderful artful random properties crowd.

Hey I know film - inside and out - welcome D3x - good bye slow obsolete leaf.


Ps. Tag screen shot was a 10 or 12 mpix image with no sharpening and really bad makeup. I hate spending time in PS but I do love properly focused images with great color.

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