Lions and Tigers and Bears

screen_capture.jpgMy oh my. For the first time ever the email volume of questions, suggestions, requests, and reprisals has outstripped my capacity to answer them in a timely manner. What shall I do, I guess I will work hard this weekend to get through them.

I thought work-flow and organization and efficiency was a boring topic. I thought that simple things were simple. I tried to stay away from the "how to make a flat image pop" but here in the back corner of the internet there does seem to be a couple of people that are interested in such boring topics.

Let's head off a couple of emails:

No - There is no podcast. No - There is no DVD. No - There is no book.

There is just this. I could probably do one of those but not all. I have done a lot of writing so that is pretty much natural, mostly for public presentation. I have done a lot of speaking, so that is natural. Like most photographers I hate having my picture taken (can you say control freak).

I hear from about 1.3% of the readers here. What do the readers want? A big book? A bunch of audio? Screen casts? Video of my workshops? Magic answers?


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