Notes and Some Other Odds and Ends

DSC_4398.jpgThe economy is terrible. So we hear, all day, everyday. my family and friends have been impacted in some minor and some significant ways. Not to be a downer but I did want to mention some sorry news that I happened to read over the weekend while catching up on my slash dot reading (yes I am that much of a geek in some ways). I may be way behind here but I just wanted readers to know that a bunch of people over at O'Reilly Publishing in the Digital Media Group got their walking papers last week. I don't know all of their involvement in the "Inside Aperture" site but I know that some of them have been involved since that site's inception. I hope that all of them are okay and wanted them to know that the rest of us in the Aperture community wish them the best and to let them know that they are appreciated.

A couple of readers emailed me wondering what I mean when I said that the youtube video compression made the video look crappy compared to the way it looks on my computer. Well, if you have a copy of iMovie and some reasonably decent images it is easy enough for you to find out for yourself but for those that need some instant (or not so instant) gratification here is the best that I can do. I can't host a download of that size from this site directly, that's why I stuck it on youtube in the first place. My uplink bandwidth is already constrained and a video download of that size would kill it. So here is a compromise - a really really tiny (iPhone sized) download using a much more reasonable compressor resulting in a 30 Meg download hosted on my MobileMe account. Beleive me when I say you will see the difference and would never want to wait to download the HD or almost HD version. Trust me when I say that HD rendered in Final Cut looks fantastic and the sort of HD rendered by iMovie is pretty darn good.


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