Presenting Your Photographs

DSC_4020.jpgI am not yet a huge fan of the web as a presentation medium for my photography. No I am not old fashioned and I didn't say that I was not a fan of digital presentation. For some reason I just am not a huge fan of web galleries, online portfolios and the like. As you may have noticed I don't have a bunch of galleries posted. When it comes to presenting my photographs you can probably tell if you have read more than two posts on my blog that I love books. I also love display sized prints, especially when I can present them as a group and the presentation as a whole is well done. The right room, the right lighting, the right context, etc.

When it comes to digital presentation I use a couple of different tools. For quick and dirty stuff, not much beats my laptop, an Aperture slide show, and an HD flat panel of good quality. One of the tricks to using Aperture slide shows is to sequence the images well. This is easy as you can create an album and arrange photos any way you would like. One of my tricks is to arrange the images so that portrait oriented images always display three at a time because I think it looks like crap to have one portrait image on a l6:9 HD landscape display. This can be a bit tricky if you like to mix landscape and portrait images but can be done. To make it really simple just do one or the other.

Another wonderful tool for presenting digitally is Keynote. I have a love hate relationship with Keynote. I love what I can produce from it but some of the things that I have to work around are so irritating that it's hard to describe the rage that comes over me. I do use the heck out of master slides and templates so I can through together a visually sophisticated presentation pretty quickly as long as I want it to have a look that I have already slaved over. If anyone has any Keynote questions or issues feel free to drop me a line - I may be able to give you a hand or at least you can share your joy and pain with a fellow Keynote lover/hater.

Fotomagico is quite amazing and I highly recommend it if you do more than a couple of image presentations a year. I guarantee that this will be some of the best money you ever spend. If the presentation really counts you want this software.

That brings us to another way to present your photos - Video. Ever since I stumbled across MediaStorm I have known that this is my online future. I just happen to know FinalCut from a previous life not to long ago and have been doing some really interesting things with my still images and audio as of late. If you would like to get a taste of what you can do without laying out the cash for FinalCut Express or Studio you can do some pretty amazing things with iMovie as well. You will lack a lot of the control that you get with FinalCut but iMovie plus your JPG previews from Aperture can make some nice presentations in about five minutes. Give it a whirl, it won't do real HD but it makes some things that look pretty darn nice.

Here is something I though together in  3 minutes flat with iMovie and some old images laying around, it looks like crap due to the YouTube processing but looks great on my laptop.

If you are interested in this kind of thing FinalCut Express is really amazing in terms of control and is a bargain at $199.00. The only reason that you would really want the Studio version is for the two additional applications - Color and Motion. Both of those are really nice as well but are pretty steep learning curves. For doing things like MediaStorm all you will need is the Express version. If anyone is interested in some how-to's on this kind of thing drop a comment and let me know. Also let me know what you think of my 3 minute video.


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