What is Important?

DSC_9675.jpgInteresting question. What is important - photographically. I guess if you make your livelihood from images, all of those that make money are pretty darn important. Even so… If you ask yourself the question "what images are important" as I have asked myself countless times while making images, while editing images, while being really bored and philosophical, and now amazingly enough, asked the same question by a reader that thinks that I might have the answer.

I really don't have the answer to that question. I have an opinion. I have an opinion on anyone that thinks that they do have the answer as well. Long story  converted to a short story - I guess I think that the image at the top is pretty important - if you were me. Here is what I mean. This tiny little bundle of energy, intellect, and future has gone through way more difficult surgeries than I ever hope anyone of you will face and she just get's on with it. In the background is my Dad. I am the uncle. I have daughters of my own. It's pretty important to me. To you it's just another image with okay lighting, not quite exactly right choice of lens, crappy background, and the shutter speed a bit too slow but to me it is way way more important.

So I guess if I had to answer the question as asked my priorities would be…

  1. Whatever is important to you.
  2. Whatever affects you.
  3. Whatever you feed yourself and your family with.
  4. The rest.


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