2009 - Looking Forward - Looking Back

DSC0007.jpgHappy 2009 everyone. I wish everyone a happy, health, and productive new year. As most do around this time of year, I not only reflect on last year but also try to take a breath and  layout some broad plans for the comming year as well. On that note I was thinking about this site, where it's been, and where it's going. I started posting a few articles on Aperture last year in April. I started doing it as an exercise on MobileMe (aka iTools, aka .Mac) using iWeb. I did it mostly to get a little experience with the Apple service as well as iWeb considering friends, family, and clients were asking me about it.

As usual before rendering opinions and judgement I gave it a try - iWeb/.Mac that is. I will not go into what I say when people ask me about it at this point but I became extremely frustrated with maintaining a simple blog type site. As I messed with it for a couple of months I noticed that there were a lot of photographers out there that really wanted and appriciated information on Aperture and work-flow topics. There is not a whole lot out there - most sites are about equipment - or shutter speeds - or Photoshop - or how to make your photographs look like cartoons. I decided to continue to publish information about Aperture and to a lesser extent about Lightroom and lighting stuff here and there - I just swithed to a more reasonable platform - Wordpress.

Publishing the site has really turned into a labor of love - I really enjoy interacting with the photographic imaging community in general and now I do it on-line as well, something that I really never did much of before last year. I don't really know why I didn't - I am tech savy, extremely familiar with internet commerce and technology, etc. I guess I looked at it as a fairly silly endeavor. I see things differently now and see that all internet communities are not just a bunch of silly teenagers with way too much time on their hands.

In preparation for the comming year I put up a poll that some of you have participated in. A couple of things really surprised me about not only the poll but the site as a whole. The first thing is that far less than 1% of people that read the site interact, comment, or for that matter fill out polls. Amazing. In fact I usually receive more private emails with questions and comments on each post than the total comments ever posted on the site in it's entirety. Again - Amazing.

I just wanted anyone that visits the site that I will most likely be going forward exactly as the poll results indicated I should - Mostly Aperture with a little Lightroom and a little lighting here and there. I will also be bothering the crap out of you with some addtional polls of the next month or so in order to best serve the community that uses the site. If you have a moment take a look and give your imput - I really do care. As always don't hestiate to leave a comment or a question.

On a slightly different note I also thought I would share some emails that I received over the last couple of weeks with you as well. Not quotes of the emails, just an aggregate impression of a segment of emails that started with the post on NEF processing in Aperture. Most of the emails I get are full of praise and appriciation with some questions thrown in here and there. After publishing the NEF articles I received a bunch of natsy-gramsâ„¢ regarding my choice of example images. Specifically the use of images that - heaven forbid - showed females in various states of undress. I heard everything from people that couldn't believe that they googled for Nikon and Aperture and saw breasts - how could I - to words of warning about posting warning messages.

So to close out 2008 and open up 2009 here is an emergency special poll for readers to influence images that I use to illustrate articles and posts in the future.

[poll id="5"]

Again - Wishing all a happy, healthy, and productive New Year.


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