Lightroom 2 - D3X - Tether Hack

This post is for Scott over on the Nikonians site. It's a quick and dirty way to get tethered shooting working with the D3X and LR2 until Adobe has support for the camera RAW. The general approach will work for Aperture 2 users as well but they may as well just modify the already available script that most Canon shooters use.

The general approach is to shoot RAW+JPG. Using Nikon Camera Control Pro dump both files into a folder, let's say "Camera-Control-Folder". Next fire up Automator and drag a few steps into the work-flow so it looks like this:


The automator script merely copies the JPGs into the folder that you have setup for Lightroom auto-import. The whole point of this post is really just to give a really really simple example to folks who are not familiar with Automator in OS X a taste for the pretty amazing things that you can do with it. D3X or not Automator is an awesome tool for photographers trying save a little bit of time here and there.

Next - the secret sauce, go to the file menu and save this as a plug-in. While doing this choose the folder that CCP dumps it's files into "Camera-Control-Folder". Make sure the enable actions box is checked as well. It should look like this:


All the automator script does is copy only the JPG's to from CCP's input folder to LR2's auto import folder so that LR2 doesn't freak out when it sees an NEF that it does not recognize. I could have sworn that it used to just ignore files that it did not understand how to process but I may actually be thinking of another application.

Obviously feel free to modify the approach/hack to your personal workaround tastes. Good luck with the new D3X Scott. I personally would just use Nikon CCP for display but I guess you have your reasons (presets?).


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