Christmas Wishlist For Santa

1999002_11.jpgFor the Holiday season I thought I would post a lighthearted look at things that have been on my Christmas wishlist that I have never found under my tree on Christmas morning. Keep in mind most of these things are really insane and would probably do nothing to make my photography any better or more rewarding, well some of them might insprire me to make some photographs that I could make anyway. These are things that I have photographic gear lust for, maybe just plain old really nice object lust but they happen to be related to photography and therefore maybe - possibly - could be rationalized into the need category. Also keep in mind I have wanted some of this stuff (or the equivalent) since I was a teenager.

Now for your amusement:

The ultimate umbrella - I want this, if only for a prop. I want this to say that I have one, I want this to use with my 9600 WS pack and head outdoors and make everyone within a half mile say oooooh look at that. The incredibly expensive ultimate umbrella - I introduce to you the Broncolor ParaFB oogle away.


What next, what comes after that? How about this incredible beautiful hunk of glass and metal from germany. Hey I already have the body for it and you never know when you are going to need both IR, visable, and UV light to all focus exactly on the same spot. To hell with those stupid IR focus marks. I want this thing - I have wanted this thing since I started shooting with H-blad stuff a long long time ago. The 250 SA.


Someday if there is a really decent camera besides my M6 that I could use this on, someday I must have the Noctilux. 1999021_08.jpg

Yea I know the list isn't large or practical or digital but I have had most other photo lust objects and some of the newer ones either don't fit the bill, or actually remind me a lot of other photo lust items that I have had and they didn't leave a lasting feeling of "longing for" like these have.

Maybe Santa will shove one of these in the stocking this year, who knows. Feel free to share your wishlist - lust item - photo gear you have always wanted. I am sure the everyone will be amused and delighted, maybe everyone's list will end up with some revisions or additions.


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