Aperture 2 Quick Tip - Books With Any Service Update

AQT___Book2.jpgA couple of questions that I received from loyal readers regarding the article on using Aperture books with other printing services has highlighted an unforgivable, gross, glaring omission on my part. Please accept my apologies I skipped a critical piece of information that is pretty obvious considering it's part of my own PDF rendering scripts that I use with various printing services including blurb.com. I will get right to the point on what that omission is. In the PDF rendering script that I instructed readers to prepare in the book article there is one other required step that everyone should add to get good results from printing services. Open the script in Automator, use the search bar on the left side and search for "colorsync". The method/action that you are looking for is called "Apply ColorSync Profile to Images". Drag this action to the spot right below the "Render PDF Pages as Images". It should look like this screen shot. Automator_PDF.jpgIn the profile drop down menu choose an appropriate profile such as sRGB or Adobe RGB, if your printer has a specific output profile that they want you to use that will not get converted use that but that is becoming increasingly rare these days.

The default profile used by Render PDF Pages as Images is "Generic RGB" - as far as I can tell this is some sort of generic non specific printer profile Obvioiusly not optimal. Sorry for leaving this out of the article and thank you to the readers that emailed me to ask how to change the profile used.


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