Aperture 2 Quick Tip - Nik Viveza For $119

NX2___Viveza.jpgJust in time for the Holidays. Here is a really quick tip if you like and want Nik Viveza for Aperture but you don't like the $249.95 price tag. I bought the plug-in for Aperture when it came out because I was already familiar with it from Nikon Capture NX and NX2 (and I like to waste/spend money, actually I try to support companies with my purchases that I really really like). Here is the quick and cheap way to get it with a minor downside, the downside being the real reason that I sprung for the $249.95.

Nik Viveza if you are not familiar with it is about the coolest, quickest way to mask localized adjustments you have ever seen. If you can get used to it, Viveza is a huge time saver. Well here is the deal - it's pretty much built into Nikon Capture NX and NX2. Just grab a copy of the full version of Capture NX2 for one of the rediculously low sale prices of like $119 at Cameta Camera or somewhere else on the web. If you are really cheap you can probably find old versions of NX for even lower but heck at $119 - go with the current version. All you have to do is setup your external editor preferences in Aperture to be NX2 with a 16-bit Tiff and you are in business.

The downside is that if you use CS2/3/4 as an external editor as well you will have to switch your preferences back and forth. The real reason that I reluctantly came up with the $249.95. Hey I told you I am lazy.


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