Reader Question and Recommendations?

DSC0011.jpgGiven that I am a control freak, a lazy control freak, but still a control freak I almost always lug a bunch of lights, stands, and modifiers with me when I shoot. Indoors, outdoors, it really doesn't matter. In the past most of my gear has been of the thermonuclear weapon variety given that I used to shoot with slow slow film in big big formats with longish lenses (ie. very small depth of field so small apertures required), I actually have some strobe heads that can put out 9600 WS - take that sun! Over the last few years I have shifted more and more to puny little strobes (like SB800's) just like everyone else out there. Here is the issue - I still use all of my old stands and booms - like my 13' air cushioned Manfrotto stands and my idiotically strudy super duper cine boom.

The question is - Are there any good, compact, relatively sturdy stands out there for small strobes? What are your recommendations? Do they have the articulating stuff built in to the top or do I still have to buy the Manfrotto hot shoe umbrella adaptors that are as heavy or heavier than my SB800's? If any of you have this all figured out I would love to hear what you use without having to go through the pain of getting a bunch of really portable stuff that I will be really disappointed in.



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