Aperture Matching Exercise.

GLMedia_436.jpgJust a real quick question for all of the loyal readers or not so loyal, whatever the case may be. At the end of a long day I checked the download stats on the site and noticed an amazing number of people downloaded the NEF files from the last post. Did anyone try to match the NX2 or NX color renditions (flat color settings or portrait)? I personally would love to know two things from you and I am sure that the others that downloaded the files would also be interested as well given the emails that I received asking me for a recipe. So…

If anyone would like to post the results please do so in comments on this post - may be just a link to the JPG along with your approach in Aperture. I will do the same as soon as we get a couple of adventuresome soles to kick it off. I am positive we will all learn a thing or two even if it is different approaches to get to the same/similar places.


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