Podcast Rant Follow-up

I received a couple of e-mails asking the question "Okay, so what were the podcasts you actually liked…?" based on this podcast rant that I published a while back where I mentioned that I did actually enjoy a couple of podcasts out there. I do believe that that came up in a few comments on the post and I did link them but it looks like they disapeared when my server had a run-in with some lightning a number of weeks ago. Here are a couple of podcasts that I enjoy and can say that I still listen to regularly. Do realize that I am a podcast-aholic, just not attracted to most of the photography or technology subject matter.

There are two that I have to say are my favorites in the catagory of photography. In no particular order they are The Candid Frame and LensWork. I guess that I like the candid frame because the host, Ibarionex Perello was born interviewer/broadcaster/podcaster and has a way of interviewing his photographer guests that seems to always get at least something truthful and ungaurded discussed during his interviews - definitely not the usual stock answers, cliche ridden, semi sales pitches I hear way too much of.

On the other hand Brooks Jensen who hosts the LensWork podcasts is someone that I can listen to his thoughts because I respect his thought process even if I disagree with where he ends up. Every once in a while he is amazingly humourous when something gets on his nerves. This plus his timbre, speech patterns, and vocabulary remind me of one of my bosses way back that I regarded as smart and highly entertaining.

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