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Don't do many galleries here or for that matter anywhere else. I am experimenting with flickr and flickr integration with Wordpress. The last thing I feel like doing is maintaining 62 photo galleries all over the web-o-chaos in addition to real paying jobs so I thought I would share a weird little side project that I have been working on and may actually finish sooner or later.

I started the project sort of by accident a few months ago when I had to do some testing and really felt like shooting something other than my dirty socks or my front yard. I hopped in my car, drove about five miles up the road and stopped at the first thing that caught my eye, an old abandoned boat yard. After shooting for a few minutes and jumping back in the car I really started thinking that I could do a lot more with the subject. Not my usual fare of people but I really have enjoyed working on it here and there as I have had the time.

Aperture has a couple of features that really helped me gel the concept and theme of the project "Ghost Ships". The two features that stand out in getting the theme nailed down and helping me generate a ton of ideas in terms of images I need and direction to go are the light table and Aperture books. The project is nowhere near finished and I have a bunch of work left to do but I know where it's going and have beautiful (imho) Aperture book appropriately titled "Project Concept Book". If you haven't made much use of the light table and book features I would highly encourage you to check them out. They are fun and useful, sort of makes me feel like the good/bad old days of chucking a bunch of proof prints all over the place when trying to solidify a project concept.

If you have a couple of seconds check out the gallery Ghost Ships and let me know what you think of the gallery and the project itself. After the initial integration work and the use of an excellent Aperture plug-in called FlickrExport from Connected Flow I can go from zero to Flickr gallery plus wordpress gallery page in one click from Aperture. If you are interested in any of the technical details let me know.


Edit: gtmonkey

gtmonkey.jpgFor gtmonkey over on the Apple Aperture support forums. Here is a screen shot of exactly what you are asking how to do. If you need a step by step walk through just post here or email me at rwboyer[at]

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