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Thought some readers here would find my sarcastic but true response to a name redacted poster in the Aperture forum's post regarding his switch to Lightroom. The really funny part was his response to this sadly Apple deleted it before I could grab it. Knew that would happen that is how you are able to enjoy this part. Original author in normal text - my caviler response in grey italic.


Name changed wrote: <div class="jive-quote">well it was nice while it lasted, but Apple come on do you think nobody will try another software ?

I moved to Lightroom2, for the following reasons

1) Lightroom presets, finally i can select how i want a group of pictures to look like and replicate it later with 1 click</div> I use both applications both on almost a daily basis. If this is your number one reason to switch I see you switching back and forth and to and fro to just about anything that comes along. This functionality is replicated using other Aperture features in a heartbeat. Good luck saving a ton of time with this one. <div class="jive-quote">2)Keyword synonyms, I have finally have a meaningful hierarchy and synonyms included without moving a finger</div> Keyword synonyms are nice I totally agree that this is really cool - esp for multilingual photographers or publications. Bet you you will see Keyword functionality beefed up in the next Aperture release it's been about the same since v1 (long before LR was even a glimmer in Adobe's eye) <div class="jive-quote">3)working keywords. I can have my "work group" keywords like what agencies i submitted my images too, what were the sales etc. I can search and sort and create dynamic collections, but I can choose those to be exportable or not exportable. Apple if you position Aperture as "professional" software, give us tools that professionals can use</div> Aperture can do the same thing with one caveat that there are several scripts make work (namely putting the hierarchy in the exported version) <div class="jive-quote">4)Non destructible editing. I can mask, edit, correct, change exposure, sharpen, color, etc without creating a rendered file. I do not get a concept of Aperture plugins, why do i want to use or pay for plugins that render to a file? I want it in RAW, otherwise i have photoshop</div> "Non Destructable" is this a new technology that I missed or didn't quite fathom. Anywho - the localized adjustments are nice and Aperture's D+B plugin is a joke but not a deal breaker for most folk especially with tools like Viveza. and disk space is cheap anyway. <div class="jive-quote">5)D@mn databases are getting corrupted all the time. Apple get a note, use unique ID not visible to users, I don't care if 2 files have the same name, make it work</div> I have 300,000+ images in my main library - no issues. Maybe it's you or your hardware, or something. LR has a database - don't count your chickens so fast. <div class="jive-quote">6)Better B&W processing and NR</div> Agreed way better DNG support and the new camera profiles and profile tools that not many people even know are out there are a game changer - Apple needs to think about this and hopefully do something similar or better yet open up the RAW processing engine and let other people do it.

As for noise - get a D3 or D700 all noise reduction *****.

<div class="jive-quote">Overall I liked Aperture UI and features much better then Lightroom 1x, but when Lightroom 2.0 came out i gave it a try. The type of productivity increase i got is just incredible comparing to Aperture. The biggest "no go" for me was lack of support for second monitor and proper compare tools. With Lightroom 2 I have it all

Now minor but noticeable differences between Aperture and Lightroom

  • Aperture database keeps getting corrupted (did i mention it before?)

  • Aperture keeps crashing

  • At about 50,000 images Aperture is barely usable with MacbookPro with 4GB ram

  • You can not take your processing changes with you, Lightroom export those into XMl

There are much more things regarding support of new camera's, support for bridge or CS, issues closed format

Overall I love Aperture look and feel and some functions, but if I need to process, keyword and render 100 pictures in 10 minutes from Studio shoot I choose lightroom

Bye bye

Have fun</div> Bye We'll miss you over here, can't wait to see you in the LR forums. Have fun don't worry about us idiots over here we'll get along I hope without all of you wonderful contributions.


Ps. 100 shots? Save your self some time spent in learning a new app use bridge or finder.

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