October 19, 2005 Apple Aperture is Announced

DSC_8498.jpgA follow up from the "Joy" post. Just a couple of thoughts while doing some testing of the site prior to moving the permanent domain name. I clearly remember the day I got one of those pretty email adverts from Apple announcing the launch of Aperture. I was sitting at my desk slogging though about 1200 images that I had shot that day doing the usual torturous routine of bringing up the RAW images in whatever application was the least of all evils in terms of making comparisons and evaluations trying to sort out what I actually wanted to use. Copying them to another folder to convert them into another format. Then copying them to another folder to do some color work. Then copying them to another folder to do some PS work. Then…. Maybe you know the cumbersome routine or maybe are still doing things that way. Desperately looking for any distraction away from the tedium, I snapped to attention when the familiar sound of mail.app indicated what must be an urgent matter to attend to in my email. Thank god, an excuse to take a break from this. There in the inbox was the screen shot of Aperture. I actually read the message and clicked the link. The stuff they were talking about, stacks, real-time RAW viewing, compare mode, speed, on, and on. The focus was on what we all have to do with the images that we shoot. Scattered around the edges was some mention of adjustments and things but the focus was the work flow, organization, etc. It took me all of 124 milliseconds to "get it" this was exactly what I needed. SOLD, where do I sign up. October 19, 2005 a new category of software changed the way I felt about digital photography. The first time I used it I felt the joy that I used to feel when photography was new to me. I praise Apple for inventing the category with Aperture. I praise Adobe for responding with Lightroom. I love these products. This is the way photography should be. I can't wait to see where both of these products go. Don't get me wrong, I have a list a mile long for both of them that I absolutely NEED changed, added, enhanced, on and on. Heck right now I would love to see a product that has the best of Aperture, Lightroom, and a couple of others mixed together seamlessly. Maybe the organizational features and overall UI of Aperture, The best of the adjustments from Aperture and LIghtroom. Maybe the U-Point and control-point masking and local adjustments from Nik Viveza, Color Effects Pro, and Capture NX2. Maybe  the DNG and camera profile support of Lightroom. Oh and a plug-in architecture that supports third party software as if it were a built in adjustment all maskable with the Nik control points, normal gradients, and brushes. How about third party RAW conversions so that manufacturers can supply the RAW processing for either. We will see. Back to the subject at hand. Most of the articles that I will post here will be focused on topics that I don't see a million other places. Namely I don't think the world needs yet another site with a bunch of "here is how I mask things in Photoshop" or "Here is how I sharpen images" or "This is how you slide the shadow slider". If I run across something that I think I may actually be able to contribute in terms of image adjustments and manipulation I will be glad to share. If you have a specific topic you would like to see some discussion on just ask. Now for the controversial topic of the day… I think that people producing highly polished, manipulated, plastic looking images for there personal work will soon be very sorry. Sort of like looking at your wardrobe during a particularly nasty period of fashion. Maybe the polyester leisure suit of the early 21st century. I think the poor couples that choose the flashiest photoshop-ing special effect wedding photographer in the book will be even more sorry. Maybe not, what do I know.



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