The Joy of Photography

1999009_09.jpgToday while I was waiting for the light rail in one of the the grand old Pennsylvania railroad stations, a place that I have been in and around countless times, thinking as I alway do, "I have to bring my camera and take some shots of this place soon", guess what happend. I saw someone that actually brought his camera and who was actually taking pictures. I sat and watched him for a minute or two and felt compelled to wave to him as my train arrived and I boarded.

This got me thinking about a bunch of things. I never really wrote about why I don't post any commercial images here. Why I am such a zealot, enthusiast, supporter, and downright evangelist about Apple Aperture and Adobe Lightroom. Why I never write (well almost never) about image adjustments. Why I don't write about Photoshop on and on. In one word or maybe a few. Aperture caused me to rediscover the joy that photography brings me. This post is just a post-it to remind me to actually write about a couple of those things thinking that a few people might actually get a kick out of my thoughts or at least some entertainment. Also a little reminder to my self to share a little about why so many images of broken old boats and soon a railroad station.

Note to anyone and everyone: Anyone helping to test this site or those who got here not realizing that it is an unstable test bed for my emergency upcoming domain name move. I hope that you get something out of it and if possible please help exercise it a little bit by leaving some comments etc. The regularly scheduled programing will return shortly.



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