Aperture Quick Tip - Blue Folders and Projects

Aperture_QT_blue_folder.jpgIf you create a folder while clicked on the library (or another blue folder) you get a blue folder. You can group projects together inside a blue folder as well as other blue folders. That's pretty evident but one of the other things that you can do is create other things like smart albums inside a blue folder that are not inside any one project. The really cool thing about smart albums in a blue folder is that the search criteria is restricted to only the projects that are also inside that blue folder. The same goes for searches in the browser. Try it. Drag a couple of your Aperture projects inside a new blue folder that you create and then click on the blue folder itself. You will notice that you will see all of the images inside all of the projects that are contained in the blue folder. If you do a search in the browser only images that are in projects contained in that folder show up. Nice. I mentioned in the Aperture 2 Organization PDF that I use blue folders to group projects by genre in my Aperture library. Things like Family, Fashion, Portraits, Glamour, Experimental Projects, Events, etc. For commercial work I usually create a blue folder for each client under the main genre folder. Guess what projects go in there. The other thing that I use blue folders for is to follow some of my own advice regarding keeping project size relatively small. If I am working on an ongoing project that can span months or even a year or more, I usually will create a blue folder to represent the whole project. Inside that folder are housed the Aperture “projects” that comprise the whole conceptual project. Pretty nifty.

The bottom line is that in addition to reducing the visual noise of tons of projects in the project inspector pane it also provides extremely useful context restrictions as well. If you are not using blue folders or are using them only for boring pedantic things like year, month, etc. try getting creative with them.


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