The Nikon D750 Etc.

Yet another gear post, oh my god. I shoot Nikon cameras, it’s no secret, rather than being the quintessential Nikon Guy I’m more of a camera brand agnostic. You want proof? I have a Ricoh GR vs a Nikon Coolpix A. Since I rant and rave and talk about what particular camera I happen to be using at any point in time I talk about Nikon cameras a lot — mostly about cameras I actually own and use rather than ones I don’t. Hell, even when I went off into left field regarding some of the committee bullshit about the Nikon Df I went out of my way to use one to confirm my opinions. Turns out I was way off. So far off I plopped down my own cash to get one and love shooting it. That brings us to today’s point — The brand spanking new Nikon D750.

Playtime Extended Edition

Yesterday, after the morning fog had lifted and my head was engaged a few notions crossed my mind. Gear, LaRoque, wintertime, projects I’ve been putting off, color vs. black and white, putting my money where my mouth is, etc, etc. Maybe more than a few notions crossed my mind. After a long stretch of the dreaded paperwork I wanted to deal with a few of those photographically. So I grabbed the GR and set out to do just that.

The Importance of Play

I don’t do flowers. At least I don’t take pictures of flowers as subjects. I use them as props or backdrops or the like every once in a while. It’s not that I have anything against pictures of flowers. I’ve seen some photographs with flowers as subject matter that are breathtaking. Same goes for peppers or toilets but most pictures of flowers are rather pedantic. Then again so are most pictures of everything unless seen in an interesting manner.

The Nikon Df: Six Months In

Warning NSFW

Sorry for all the NSFW posts this week. I know most of you seem to read this while on a break during business hours (yeh, right). Just happened to be most of what I shot over the weekend — except of course for my downtime during the horrible dark rainy Saturday afternoon I spent doing a more fashion-y setup with a model hanging around Atomic Canary that day.

The Ricoh GR, Yet Another Post

Warning NSFW

Yes another post in praise of my little Ricoh GR. I probably wouldn’t have bought that camera if I didn’t accidentally discover that the mistress to my beloved 50mm wife happened to be a 28mm field of view. Cutting to the chase I now own two digital cameras I love making pictures with. This is probably the first time I’ve owned one, let alone two digitals I actually enjoy. Of course you know the other one — the mighty Nikon Df. I didn’t shoot thousands of pictures over the weekend with the GR, just a few but it was perfect for grabbing some behind the scenes shots of our monthly community shoot over at Atomic Canary. Extremely quiet, awesome controls, great — I mean great optical quality, nice DR, plenty of pixels, can compose and shoot from the hip or in my case the knee…

Film Look Presets

I’ve mentioned that I’ve got every “film simulator” known to mankind. Maybe not but I certainly have experienced more of them than most people ever will. Here’s the bottom line on this…

Generally film looks are fairly subtle and don’t scream at you. Well shot, well processed, well scanned film only looks way different than digital under certain circumstances and usually doesn’t look crazy different than just going about your business in digital as long as you have a white balance somewhere in the neighborhood that was the same as either the color correction or lack-there-of on film.

PhotoStreams, A Fly In The Ointment?

I love iCloud Photostreams. Not the automatic one, more curated streams that I create myself. I noticed something today that might be an issue. I’m not super concerned with it but certainly annoyed with the problem. It’s one of those things that causes me to say to myself; ”If Jobs were here everyone would get fired.

Nikon D600 Tips and Tricks

I complain about my cameras a lot. Hey, I am an active customer. I personally would love to have a customer like me, loyal, vocal, critical. It’s my right and duty to point out all the crap regarding products I purchase, use, and more importantly continue to purchase. I am not a camera salesman, I don’t work as the marketing arm of Nikon or any other camera company. I don’t make a living or even part of a living promoting gear. Why the hell would anyone want to hear all of the “good things” for cameras they already have or for that matter cameras they’re considering buying? It baffles me. Tell me all the bad stuff. With that out of the way here’s the truth of the matter — they all have bad stuff one way or another. If you shoot a Canon, Fuji, Pentax, whatever and read all of my hatefulness towards any particular “Nikon thing” and somehow take that as relative to some sort of perfection, think again. I buy Nikons because overall I like them more than other systems and cameras. I’m not a masochist — at least when it comes to gear.

Speedlights, TTL exposure, and Modifiers

My first 10 things you can do with a speedlight workshop disaster was entirely attributed to shoving 85lbs of camera gear into one of those little Domke F-803 bags. Remedy; Split the workshop up into a series of easy to swallow 2 to 3 hour sessions that build on each other (hopefully). I just wrapped up the last of those sessions in the Speedlight Series on my first batch of victims. There are definitely things I’m going to change but most of that first edition is staying. The biggest challenge is forcing participants to fine-tune rather tha just using what I setup or more accurately left sitting there as the last version of a setup.