The Fuji X100S Lens Rendering

Warning: This post contains extremely esoteric crap and highly subjective non-scientific study based solely on visual observations. It’s meant solely for consumption by absolute visual geeks like me.

There we go, with the disclaimer out of the way we can move on to visual geekery. First ask yourself this question; What does the Fuji X100 series of cameras have in common with a Nikkor 28mm lens from the early 1970’s? The answer; More than you might think. Oh, beyond the visual lens rendering geekery I’ll probably drop a few tidbits having far more value of just playing around, projects, and how one thing leads to someplace completely different with very little ability to predict where. Something I continue to be amazed by, an extension on the thoughts I posted along with LaRoque over the last few winter seasons.

Fuji X100 Series, The Sequel

Who’s up for some crappy test pictures? I guess I am, nothing better to do at 8AM while sipping my second cup of coffee. StupidCrap™ under semi-controlled circumstances are definitely the best way to rationally evaluate cameras. The eliminate variables of emotional attachment to the subject matter, expression, moment, etc. In fact the crappy-er the subject the more you tend to care about nits and techo-bits of gear. Hmmm, I might be onto something there.

Fuji X100 Rethink 2015

Lots of stuff happens when I take time in early January each year to review the mish-mash of things I’ve flagged for future consideration. Distance and perspective go a long way. Last post I ranted a and raved about Fuji quite a bit and technical sufficiency etc. As I reviewed a lot of those flagged items since then some seat of the pants shots made with both my original X100 as well as my replacement X100S came up again and again.

It's 2015 Now What?

The dial has clicked over from a four to a five. Two thousand fifteen, say that out loud a couple of times with me. I find saying it a bunch helps dispense with the annoyance of writing or typing the wrong year. At the end of a calendar year and the beginning of the next I take some time to look back as well as make a list of things I’d like to accomplish in the next. No resolutions really just thoughts of things I’d like to do, explore, try, or maybe even complete.

A Brief Hiatus

First off a thank you to the people that sent me an email asking what’s up regarding the lack of posts. Kinda reminded me of Escape From New York.

Snake Pliskin? I thought you were dead.

I’m alive and kickin’. The screenshot at the top represents images I almost exactly a year ago, there was that story. Accidentally, I shot the same person in a similar way with a 50mm lens for the actual speedlight workshop demo shot. Not the plan but just how it worked out. Always good to reflect on things with some perspective. The break in posts was due in large part by my first time participating in NaNoWriMo. I’ll summarize for those not familiar with that exercise; Write a novel in a month. I won. Wrapping up well before the midnight November 30th deadline at around 70,000 words. Not great words but good enough. I really didn’t have the energy to meet the grueling schedule and post photo related rants during November. Maybe I did have the energy but I somehow thought mixing the two writing endeavors would jinks me.

What Kind Of Photographer Are you?

Landscape, or portrait, or documentary, or street, or a dozen other things might be the first thoughts that pop into your head. The question goes beyond merely genre. Let’s assume you care about whatever you point your camera at no matter if it’s still life, flowers, bugs, people, trees. A tiny bit deeper and we start to venture into bigger questions. How do you want to represent things in front of your camera? How do you want them to feel? Why?

Projects, Editing, And Distance

I spent another hour this morning going though my semi-insane but illuminating edit process for a long-term project. The term edit used in the sense of cull, choose, etc. rather than modify, manipulate, or choose a particular look. To summarize, my edit process starts from scratch every time, looking at the entirety of what I shot on a particular day. I compare that go-around to the last time I went through them all. What I’m looking for is a consistent set of choices that have months of time between each. Today I found stasis ion a particular group of images shot a little over a year ago.

Sharpness, Detail, Quality, And Old Glass

To varying degrees we all fetishize camera gear, especially glass. Pouring over specs and comparisons, our own testing. All of this in the quest for more better stuff. Are some cameras “better than others” — sure. Are some lenses “better” than other lenses — absolutely. The real question is in what particular way are they better. An even better question is do you give a crap. I’m going to propose that in most cases you probably don’t and in many other cases better is extremely variable on circumstance and so far down the list on any given optical property as to what difference it might make that how much you actually like to carry and use something is actually a better metric. Microscopic optical differences are important only in a narrow slice of real world photographs.

Skin Tone - Part III

Installment number three discussing skin tones is a simple one. Just for the heck of it I posted it on since I haven’t been active over there in a bit and wanted to test some of the new features added.