More On The Fuji XT-1

A quick follow up to my last post on my findings after shooting the Fuji XT-1 quite a lot. In summary it’s sufficient — specifically the EVF is not throwing me off as much as I thought it would and definitely not as much as previous EVF equipped cameras have in the past. I guess that’s good news. There is some bad news as well and for the most part that’s what this post is about.

Fuji XT-1 Update Part I

For those of you that might have had the notion that I’ve gone around the bend, or maybe had some sort of EVF induced catastrophic seizure while using the Fuji XT-1 I’m here to offer a first real update. Real in the sense that I spent the last couple of weeks shooting the living hell out of it. Consciously or subconsciously I chucked subject matter and scenarios at the little Fuji that are difficult by any measure. I pulled no punches my first time out using an EVF only cam. I treated it exactly like I would my Nikon Df — even worse in most cases.


The Fuji X100S, 10 Pictures Out Of Context

I’ve been working on a few projects for what could be considered a long time, going on two years. The thought for the particular Mirror, Mirror project discussed today crossed my mind maybe a decade ago but I really didn’t work on it consciously until almost two years ago. It’s turned out to be a bit more difficult in many ways that I thought it would be. I thought it might be of some interest to a few people for me to share a few thoughts about a few challenges, mis-steps, overall feel, and my edit process two years in.

Fuji XT-1, The Low Down

It’s been about a week since I decided to take the challenge of shooting exclusively with a Fuji X-Series camera and EVF for the next six months. Since then I’ve been messing around with the XT-1 getting to know the ups and downs. Most of the exercise has been taking pictures of StupidCrap™. Typical of my M.O. before embarking using it on anything remotely real. Call it a quirk, psychologically I can’t bring myself to point a new camera at anything photo-worthy until I’ve got a good handle on it. Forget pointing it in the direction of people, I hate looking like I have no idea what I’m doing, fiddling with camera controls or cursing out loud.

Fuji X System Crazy Follow-Up

Wanted to post a quick update to the Fuji X System post I wrote last week. A few comments you can see at the bottom, that typically means I get about ten times that number of emails expressing opinions, arguments, etc. Most of them had elements of the public commentary but more than half also had a flavor of “Fuji’s completely suck (due to EVF/clunky operation/speed) or completely the opposite opinions regarding the same”. The combination led me to my typical crazy, compulsive behavior which might surprise a few of you.

Point Of View And Perspective

A brief follow-up to a more technically oriented post regarding lens choice and perspective. At least a half dozen people went out and did exactly what I demonstrated with my StupidCrap™ example shots. Most of them tested my assertion by using a far bigger difference in focal length than my 28mm and 50mm example. Standing in the same place using their widest lens then their longest lens cropping for the same framing they had their collective minds blown that perspective was exactly the same. Great — stupid pet tricks causing epiphany. With that horse dead it’s probably a good idea to talk about ”now what”.

Fuji X-System, A Clarification

Reading posts here and there one might thing I’ve got some strange Fuji vendetta. I regularly poke fun, mock, and cast aspersions on the company and it’s products. Turns out I’m a big fan of the company and it’s products. After an extended email conversation with a reader I thought some clarification of my thoughts might be appropriate regarding Fuji and their X-series cameras.

Fuji X100 Series Thoughts

I’ve written many times of the evils of automation, how bad an idea it was (and is) to link autofocus to the shutter release and other philosophical ramblings on techno-distractions. I came across an image today as the result of my insanely long and recursive edit process. The mere fact this image came up so long after I made it confirms in some way how valid my own personal process for editing is — for me. It also brought some of those ramblings I mentioned above back to the forefront of my thoughts.

Provacative Portraiture

The title is the same as a workshop I hosted last summer. A short conceptual workshop intended to demonstrate quickly in a room full of photographers something I noticed a long time ago that at the time was an epiphany. Given it was my first time out attempting to demonstrate something very subtle I didn’t completely fail but next time there are a lot of things I’ll change.

Going through a group of images I made in extremely short succession with a subject I’ve never worked with before re-re-reconfirmed the crux of what I was trying to demonstrate in suboptimal circumstances last summer. I thought it might be of interest to a few of you so I’ll see if it can be explained and illustrated briefly. Like most things it’s far easier to see when you experience up close and personally I’ll give it a shot anyway.

The Fuji X100S And Other Topics

Still alive. Yep, it’s been a while since the last post. Seems like I’m suffering from a case of spring fever. Anything that involves such indoor, mundane, sit-at-desk kinds of effort is just not something I can tolerate. I’ve been making a whole lot of pictures in the last month or so. Some not bad others… hmmm, not so good but that doesn’t matter. I’m out of the house, winter’s over and I’m having fun with my camera. That’s the important part isn’t it?

I guess that brings us to today’s brief topic; The Fuji X100S as well as the other two X100 cameras. I consider them pretty much all the same cameras with extremely minor operational and performance differences. I’m sure that various people will argue to the ends of the earth that the difference between an X100, X100S, and an X100T are night and day but from my perspective or say the perspective of comparing any of them to a camera such as a Nikon D4 or something they all fall into about the same level of performance and operational characteristics.